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Instagram Engagement – Back to Basics

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When I start working with new Instagram clients one of the first questions I always ask is, “Do you have an engagement strategy set in place?” I’m really surprised to hear how many people do not have one for their account. If you want to see explosive, organic growth and build a community of loyal customers and raving fans, engagement is where it’s at!

Maybe you can relate to my client’s struggles when they come to us…

You’re showing up on Instagram consistently every day. You’re liking content every day. You’re commenting on content every day. You’re engaging with Instagram stories every day. BUT. NOTHING. IS. HAPPENING. I mean seriously, what the what?!

If this sounds like you, go ahead and ask yourself, “Am I showing up on Instagram where my ideal clients and customers are hanging out?”

Typically we find this to be the source of the problem. 

Let’s get back to basics…

As a social media marketer it wouldn’t make sense for me to show up and engage with tons of content that is related to dogs. Other than the fact that I have two of the best office dogs in the world, dog content is not pertinent to my business. If I’m engaging with content about dogs, people are probably not going to come back and follow my account. You guessed it! Dog accounts are full of customers who are dog lovers and desire content that is dog-related. 

Instead, it makes a lot more sense for me to show up on accounts in my niche and industry where I know my ideal clients and customers are hanging out. If you consistently engage with accounts and content that share the same audience as you, that’s going to help your organic growth in a BIG way. 

Check back next week for an engagement strategy that’s incredibly simple to use on your own account. We’ve seen amazing organic growth on the platform after implementing it!

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